If you are new to the world of padel or you like to combine between different types of rackets, the Atlas is one of the best quality-price padel rackets. We are talking about a professional racket, with quality materials 100% handmade in Spain with very competitive prices in the market.

Its round shape is ideal for players with a medium level and the good thing is that we offer you three ranges of Atlas padel racket< span style=”font-weight: 400;”> so you can choose the one that best suits your type of game.

The Atlas Pink and Atlas Yellow rackets have medium control and power, while the Atlas Orange is for players who like to play with more power.

At LIONPADEL we strive to keep all racket production close From home. We believe in a production chain that helps the environment and that bets on materials that collaborate to a friendlier coexistence with the planet. We have been wasting resources for too many centuries and we want to maintain our standard of living but at a pace and in a way that benefits us all: people and nature. That is why we bet on some rackets that are considered the best quality-price padel rackets and that are also 100% made </span >handmade in Barcelona. We present some of the most notable features of the Atlas padel racket.

One ​​of the most notable differences between the Atlas blades that we have at LION is the type of foam that increases the power of the blow. In that sense, the Atlas Pink and the Atlas Yellow are made with a polyethylene foam. The Atlas Orange, on the other hand, is made with a five-layer hybrid foam, which stiffens the racket and allows it to hit with more power.

As they are round rackets, the Atlas padel racket helps to have a rather wide sweet spot in the middle of the racket, which allows for medium control when hitting the ball. In fact, the balance is 25.5 – 26, as in the ATROX< span style=”font-weight: 400;”>. The racket finishes also facilitate the game, with a carbon-on-carbon reinforcement tensor and a double-layer carbon-fiberglass construction and double thickness. They also have a softgrip plus to make it even easier plus the handling of the racket so that it adapts much better to your hand.

Like all our shovels LION, the Atlas are coated for a special UV protection to extend their useful life.

rse de palas redondas, la pala de pádel Atlas ayuda a tener un punto dulce más bien amplio en el medio de la raqueta, lo que permite tener un control medio del golpe contra la pelota. De hecho el balance es de 25,5 – 26 , como en las ATROX. Los acabados de la pala también facilitan el juego, con tensor de refuerzo de carbono en carbono y una construcción de carbono con fibra de vidrio de doble capa y doble espesor. Además cuentan con un softgrip plus para facilitar todavía más el manejo de la pala para que se adapte mucho mejor a tu mano.

Como todas nuestras palas LION, las Atlas están recubiertas para una protección UV especial para alargar su vida útil.

All the materials we use at LION to make the Atlas padel rackets< /b> and the other types, carry a European Quality certificate. That endorses us to defend some of the best price-quality padel rackets on the market. As they are 100% produced in Barcelona, ​​we promote a KM0 product that moves the economy of the territory and benefits thousands of people. We refer to production, distribution and marketing.

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